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Independent Health Insurance Brokers.

Be your own boss by becoming an independent health insurance broker. We help individuals become successful independent health insurance brokers all over the country. With us, you truly are independent; so you choose your hours. You can work as much or as little as you want. We provide the tools you need, the necessary training to get you up & running, and the ongoing support to keep you growing.

Join Our Team of Independent Health Insurance Brokers

Become an independent health insurance broker by joining a team that offers the training and support necessary to become successful. No one is successful on their own, especially in the insurance industry. Have the freedom of being in control of your time and how much you make. Whether you are brand new to insurance or highly experienced, we offer the training and support you need to go to the next level.

  • 100+ Top National Insurance Carriers
  • Free Training and Support
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • No franchise, startup,, or ongoing fees
  • Health, Life, & Medicare Products
  • Own Your Own Book (100% Vesting)
  • Work from Home
  • Weekly Commission Payouts
  • Free Leads
  • Free CRM/Software
  • Help more clients with more options
  • No Experience Needed
  • Part Time, Full Time, or Big Time
  • Work in 1 State or Multiple States

The Best Health Insurance Brokers

Anyone can become a health insurance broker. It’s quite easy actually. Maybe that’s why it’s estimated that up to 95% of agents across the industry quit within their first 12 months after getting licensed. Why do health insurance brokers quit? Lack of training, support, sales, and income are all common reasons. A high turnover rate of agents doesn’t help with client experience. We view our clients as the #1 reason we are in this business. We are nothing without our clients. We believe that all clients are important to us, regardless of their account size.

Clients should feel like they are #1. Whether or not we make a sale, a consumer should always be better off after talking with us. As health insurance brokers, our clients look to us for advice, guidance, and to solve problems. The only way to properly serve clients and be a successful health insurance broker is to have the right training and resources. Being experienced will come over time, but you will only get there if you get the training and resources you need.

At VIP Brokers, we are building a nation-wide team of the best health insurance brokers in the industry. An experienced and successful health insurance broker doesn’t happen overnight. It takes dedication, willingness to learn, and the right support structure. We are as invested in our brokers as they are in themselves. Your success is our success. We are better together. We offer initial and ongoing support through training and resources so our VIP Brokers can be the best health insurance brokers to help consumers.

Health Insurance Agent Training

We offer our independent health insurance agents exclusive training to get them started off on the right track and ongoing support. No matter how good an agent is. There is always room for improvement. Our health insurance agent training materials have been created by agents for agents. Our goal is for you to be as successful as possible.

Victory Insurance Partners - Independent Health Insurance Brokers

Who is Victory Insurance Partners?

Who is Victory Insurance Partners? VIP is a health insurance sales, marketing, and training organization made up of independent health insurance brokers. We help consumers get connected with the best health insurance for them through our consumer website and through our team of independent health insurance agents. We also offer an opportunity to join our team and become a successful health insurance broker. When you join our team, we offer product & sales training, assistance with licensing & contracting, and ongoing support to be as successful as possible.

Healthcare Solutions Team - Independent Health Insurance Brokers

Who is Healthcare Solutions Team?

Who is Healthcare Solutions Team? HST is a health insurance sales, marketing and training organization created by agents for agents. The primary focus of HST is to help consumers with their health insurance needs. This is accomplished by providing the tools and resources to independent brokers that are needed to become a successful health insurance agent.

Want to become an independent health insurance broker?